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Please share the news about this great event with your friends. Remember we have tracks for writers of poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction/memoir. PLUS sessions on the state-of-the-industry, for writers considering indie, hybrid or traditional publishing, and agent speed dating. You WILL walk away from this workshop a better writer, and with more understanding of your publishing options. And, if all goes well, you just might find that agent you’re looking for. The group critique session is designed specifically so you’ll have a great query, synopsis and/or proposal to show them. Sign up today!4WlDjIoW9tgmjTlM5mekTspkMAPURoNow9_JDDrd0Nc,hLBx0ZnqnaFjm0TYW479tNXlejnQb5_EtK_ui_SGffE

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